In 2003, Jack completed work on his first full-fledged CD release: Light of the Moon.

Recorded with masterful producer (and close friend) Mike Grau, Light of the Moon featured carefully recorded productions of 11 of Jack’s songs.

Many of Jack’s fans and friends were surprised that the arrangements on the cd were vastly different from Jack’s solo-arrangements of his songs, (as experienced at his legendary live performances).

Jack put together a full-band for these sessions, including recruiting his brother, George Stock into returning to the drums for the entire record.  Jack and George had played together in the band The Flicks in the 70s and 80s.

The recording remains available for purchase at:, and can also be purchased through the iTunes store.

Jack made a music video of the song Light of the Moon.

Light of the Moon

1. Light of the Moon

2. I Hear Your Name

3. High Side

4. Highway

5. Hug Of Love

6. Motel In New Jersey

7. Old Times

8. Rebel Boys

9. Boo Boo

10. Man In Limbo

11. My Heart She’s On Fire

Completed in 2003,

Light of the Moon

Produced by Mike Grau and Jack Stock