Highlights 2017


2017 Lambertville Historical Society Holiday CD: This year, Santa P & The Elves performed “Nevertheless, It’s Christmas” at Havana’s in New Hope on November 29. Read what Tom says about the song, which was  selected for several festivals:

Alternative Film Festival, Winter, 2017

Austin Spotlight Film Festival, December, 2017

Direct Short Online Film Festival, December, 2017

Tom was invited to a presentation of the
Ecat QX

in Stockholm, Sweden, Nov 24, 2017.

Tom & Doug (with “sometimes 3rd Tom & Doug” Joe Bezek) were LIVE Friday, September 1 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Ames in Ames, Iowa. Also, at Sunday Service Shows on September 3. It was a whole weekend of Tom & Doug (and Joe)! There will be videos and songs, there will!

Tom & Doug music video “House on Fire” was selected for Chautauqua International Film Festival, July 28-30, 2017.

Tom & Doug music video, “Whateverland” selected for 2017 ReelHeART Int’l Film Festival, July 4. Tom attended!

Tom & Doug music video “House on Fire” selected for Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, 2017.

Tom attended CineKink NYC 2017, his film “Spank You Very Much” was selected for the festival.

L.E.N.R Revolution” selected for 2017 GeekFest Toronto Film Festival, February 14.

Tom & Doug were the hosts for “Laugh Out Loud” LIVE Comedy Show, Feb 3rd & 5th, in Ames, IA. Stay tuned for new videos!

NEW Tom & Doug video: the Dopplegangers want us all to remember...”it don’t matter if you’re black or white”.

Andrea Rossi Meets Galileo - Was it a dream?

Tom & Doug’s community broadcasting anthem, a  

video from Tom’s trip to Iowa, “Community Radio”!

“The Best of Cafe Improv, 2016” performances, here.


A few highlights from 2017...