Highlights 2016


A few highlights from 2016...

It’s that time of year, Santa P & The Elves are singing:
Lambertville Historical Society 2016 CD!

Tom and Jeanne Imbrigiotta did it again, they completed the video for the 38th Anchor House Annual Ride for Runaways. It premiered at the annual Ride for Runaways dinner on Nov. 10, and as always, each participant went home with the DVD and original music CD.

The ONE AND ONLY Tom was Judy Marchand’s guest on Musical Notes, PANJRadio

Tom says it is  “The Summer of Improv” - Cafe Improv, of course!

Whateverland” (Tom & Doug TV Show) selected for Webfest Montreal 2016, June 16-18.

“Dancing Through the Corn” (music video) selected for the 12th ReelHeART Int’l Film Festival! Tuesday, July 5, 7pm. Also selected for the Toronto Beaches Film Festival, Friday, July 8, 7pm.

April 25 at 6pm, NewFilmmakers Series, NY showed  “Dan Zimmerman: Musician, Painter, Cosmic Patriot”. Tom and Jeanne attended!

Tom & Doug celebrate Albert Einstein’s birthday in a new music video.

In collaboration with Joe Bezek, Tom created a new E-Cat music video, “F9” - click here!

Tom, along with Joe Bezek and friends, performed Saturday, March 5 at the PANJ Radio Music Marathon, at Prallsville Mill! 

“Legacy Code”  was selected for the First Annual GeekFest Toronto Film Festival, February 14, 2016, Tom attended!!

“The Best of Cafe Improv, 2015” performances were posted.