Andrea Rossi: Revolution


Segments from the interview with Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi has created an invention that is so revolutionary, and so important that it is difficult for us to accept its existence. It will have profound impact on the world's economy, environment and cultures.

Andrea Rossi's invention is called the E-Cat. It is a new source of efficient and inexpensive energy. As of May 25, 2013, an independent report released by a group of respected scientists has found that the E-Cat IS producing the power that it claims to produce. It works.

Tom first learned about the E-Cat in 2011, and has been closely following the progress. These interview segments (click each to view) are the result of exclusive access provided to the filmmaker at a critical moment in the development of this technology.

Segment 1: Andrea Rossi talks about Dr. Sergio Focardi
Segment 2: The End of the Middle Ages
Segment 3: Skepticism
Segment 4: Fleischmann and Pons
Segment 5: Epoché
Segment 6: Oil
Segment 7: The Importance of Being Wrong
Segment 8: Music
Segment 9: Not to Take Yourself Too Seriously
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